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ESE Entertainment is a Europe based esports organization with physical and digital assets across the globe.

ESE is a global esports organization bridging Europe, Asia, and North America. The company portfolio is diversified with valuable resources including venues, media infrastructure, and international distribution partners.

Key Assets Include

Digital Motorsports

DMS is an award-winning organization and one of the leading sim racing solutions providers in Europe, specializing in building bespoke simulators and offering turnkey simulator packages. Digital Motorsports has key vendor distribution rights and partnerships in the industry and has worked across multiple disciplines from F1, WEC, WRC, Drifting, and more.

Virtual Pitstop

Virtual Pitstop provides technology for video game developers, racing fans, and gamers to engage in motorsport-related esports across the globe. Specific offerings include design of cars and tracks using 3D laser scanning technology, development of 3D models of real-life racetracks, which can be implemented into video games, and more.

K1CK Esports

K1CK is a pioneering esports organization based in Europe. K1CK manages esports teams that compete across multiple games and platforms including League of Legends, FIFA, Apex Legends, and more. The brand has had more than 100 world-class players under the K1CK team name and has received over 850 awards.

ESE Gaming

ESE is a Europe based entertainment and technology company focused on gaming, particularly on esports. ESE consists of multiple assets and world-class operators in the gaming and esports industries.


Frenzy is ESE’s media and production company, which is focused on the video game industry. The company creates and executes esports and gaming events, broadcasts, and media content. Frenzy also operates professional mobile, automated TV equipment, allowing it to produce content from every part of the globe.


WPG is a Canadian and European based infrastructure business for management of fan engagement for OTT & esports. WPG works with its customers to build new and improved B2C & B2B processes that align with the customer’s brand, boost retention, enhance off-site fan interaction, and improve ROI.

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