The Popular Grand Yee Tournament (GYT) is the most important 3-on-3 Rocket League tournament in Poland. Teams competed from January 2019 in monthly tournaments till years end. Every elimination tournament had more than 24 teams. The top team witnessed as many as 32 squads. ESE cooperates closely with Marcos; Poland’s most recognizable Rocket League commentator and streamer is the initiator of the GYT.

Oglądaj Grand Yee Tournament 3v3 Semi and finals! od użytkownika Marcosica na

12 top teams played in the final stage of the Grand Yee Invitational. ESE was represented by Bruz, Petrick and Niseron. During GYT qualifiers our team was named BTRS. It is worth noting that the ESE team has won all but one qualification tournament. Thanks to winning 6 tournaments, ESE was a clear favourite to earn the crown for the best team in Poland.

ESE team concluded rivalry in decisive fashion. In September our team proved its domination in 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 competition and won!

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